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In 2020, spending more time at home completely changed our priorities for how our home’s layout and amenities should serve us. We started using our homes in ways we never imagined we would; They became our workplaces, classrooms, restaurants, theatre, and more. While we thought these changes were temporary, we’re still experiencing many of them to this day.

In the spirit of re-evaluating our home spaces, it’s time to refresh and upgrade. Looking for inspiration? Let’s look at some of the trends currently sweeping home renovation.

Dedicated Spaces Make a Comeback

The open concept floor plan—most commonly utilized for the kitchen, dining area, and living area—has been popular for many years now. With the advent of remote learning and work, families are now struggling to find enough privacy and quiet. Separating walls and doors, which can muffle sound and create dedicated spaces for work and leisure, are few and far between.

In response, renovations that add walls to the home are trending in large numbers. Current renovations include adding walls to create separate spaces and turning nooks into small rooms.

Renovations like these provide the perfect opportunity to reconsider light and ventilation needs for particular rooms. While a room is already under construction, take the time to add a new window or door.

Adding a Home Office

For many people, the switch to working from home is permanent.  The sudden change in working location left unprepared homeowners to set up makeshift desks in undesirable rooms of the house. With the opportunity to create a dedicated workspace, homeowners are now renovating by moving walls and utilizing lesser-used closets, attics, and storage areas.

Remote workers spend long hours in home offices while working, so keep lighting in mind during your renovation project. When creating a home office, make sure to have a good source of natural light by adding a window, skylight, or dormer.

Improving Outdoor Spaces

In 2020 and 2021, being able to spend time outdoors was not only necessary for gathering with friends and family, but also for relaxation, recreation, and wellbeing. Homeowners lucky enough to have patios, screened porches, decks, and balconies found that these spaces could serve multiple functions.

On a nice day, a balcony or deck could serve as the outdoor office space. Patios became dining rooms, and screened porches became bedrooms. Many homeowners have added outdoor cooking areas, fire pits, and dedicated lounge areas.

The options for upgrading your outdoor spaces are endless. In the new year, consider adding a deck or updating the outdoor areas you already have.

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Transforming Underutilized Spaces

In the search for privacy and separation from other household members, many homeowners have started to look for opportunities to create new living spaces in their homes. Some renovations consider the needs of a multi-generation family, while others are creating spaces to rent out. Garages can transform into tiny apartments or workout spaces. Sheds and other outbuildings can become an office, guest space, or workshop.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Spending a lot of time indoors can suffocate both your body and mind. Lacking appropriate views and ventilation to bring in natural light and fresh air can leave you feeling suffocated. Proper ventilation has never been more important, so remember to renovate with new windows to allow good airflow and improve home air quality.

For instance, consider a bay window to upgrade your living area. Bay windows project outwards from your home to allow for maximum view and light. Bay windows even increase the amount of usable space. They are perfect for a window seat, small dining area, houseplants, or even for creating more storage space. Screen doors can add opportunity for more fresh air and light as well.

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Upgrade Your Home for the New Year

Homes are only as good as their functionality for you and your family. If you are finding it difficult to achieve privacy for work and leisure, or you’re feeling cut off from the outdoors, then it’s time to consider renovating. Simple changes like adding new windows and doors can do wonders for your home.

Here at Advance Inc., we are happy to help you with your home renovation needs. Call us at 302-324-8890 to schedule an appointment or contact us online to upgrade your home for 2022.

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