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Our clients are often looking for new and exciting ways to introduce natural light into their homes and breathe new life into their home’s design and architecture. If you’re hoping to freshen things up with the addition of new windows, read on for some 2018 trends that are sure to make your space more stylish and inviting.

Window Trend 1: Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

In an increasingly digital-dominated world, many homeowners are looking for ways to reconnect with nature. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a stylish way to let the light in and maximize views of natural beauty. Floor-to-ceiling windows can transform living rooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens; eliminating a wall that may feature a small window in favor of this upgrade is a wonderful way to entice family members to enjoy the outdoors in lieu of a screen.

The possibilities are truly endless with this trend. You can create your floor-to-ceiling window upgrade by sticking with one wall, playing around with an around-the-corner look where the windows continue part of the way into an adjacent wall or even incorporate more than one wall into the plan.

Because floor-to-ceiling windows expose a large area of your wall to the elements, you’ll want to be sure to invest in energy-efficient options that will keep your family comfortable and your energy bill under control!

Window Trend 2: Right Angles

For many years, arched, round-top windows were in high demand. They impart a traditional look that many homeowners still adore, but right now, it’s all about right angles. Square and rectangular styles are dominating the market, as these styles correspond to the minimalist, modern look that is enjoying a major trending moment.

This style is reminiscent of industrial designs you might encounter at your favorite coffee house or book store; often window frames are steel or aluminum, paying further homage to the industrial look. Unlike arched windows, which tend to look out of place in homes that utilize more modern architecture, bold steel-framed square windows are right at home in any architectural style. They beautifully complement almost any exterior finish, from brick exteriors to vinyl siding.

Window Trend 3: Black Frames and Sashes

This trend goes hand in hand with the industrial look. Black frames are often much narrower than traditional frames, and the contrast they provide when viewed against both interior and exterior wall finishes really helps to create definition and impart a major dose of style in a living space. But this trend, like right angles, is completely compatible with many home designs, and is by no means limited to modernist spaces.

Much like the floor-to-ceiling window trend, the black frame trend can also help to integrate natural views. As Joanna Tovia, writing for Houzz, points out, “black frames can enhance the view out a window and draw the eye outside. In a wooded, garden or ocean setting, ‘black blends into the view while white more frames the view.’”

Black frames are available in steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass, and many major window retailers, including Andersen, have begun to manufacture affordable, attractive options.

Which of these trends appeals to you, your budget, and your style? We’d love to discuss options with you.

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