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Siding Inspection In Newark, DEThe Delaware Region is gifted with all sorts of weather, but Fall is the best time to give your home exterior a thorough check-up. As part of your fall maintenance routine, you should give your siding a thorough check and address any problems you might find. The siding on your home is the first line of defense against moisture and pests that may create damage, especially as colder months bring ice and snow. You should also consider addressing trees and shrubs around your home that might pose a problem when the winter weather arrives.

A thorough inspection of the exterior siding of your home should happen at least once a year. Whether your siding is wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, it should be given a once-over to check for problems before they create real structural damage.

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Preventing Damage From Your Landscaping

The days are shortening, the air is cooling and trees and shrubs around your home are readying themselves for winter. They probably had a chance to grow and spread during the summer, and that means it’s time to check in on how they are doing and how they may be impacting the health of your siding.

For healthy siding, the goal is to keep shrubs and branches at least three feet away to prevent water from dripping onto roofing and siding. Properly maintaining trees and shrubs creates good ventilation around your home, keeping moisture buildup to a minimum. It also ensures that branches cannot rub against the house in high winds. Keep an eye on trees near your home and make sure to remove any dead limbs or branches.

The best time to prune plants and trees varies from plant to plant. Read this handy how-to article for some advice on pruning shrubs, or check with your state’s extension service for further information.

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Performing The Siding Inspection

To perform the siding inspection, walk around your home and closely look at all aspects of the siding. Pay special attention to areas that are prone to water damage, such as  above and below bay windows and anywhere a wall meets with a section of roofing. Don’t forget areas that may be hard or impossible to see from the ground. It may be time to get the binoculars out or fire up the drone and have a look around.

Signs of Siding Damage

Vinyl siding can often be damaged by weather or direct hits from objects like basketballs, items thrown by mowers. Further, heat from a grill or even from reflected sun can warp siding.

If you notice exterior damage to your siding such as dents, holes, or cracks, check to see if there’s any damage underneath. Many times, damage is only cosmetic in nature, but it can make your home look run-down and tired.

Wood siding can be affected by water and pests. Look closely at any area that appears discolored or shows any evidence of decay like holes or obvious rot. Carefully push on the siding with your fingers or a screwdriver to determine how far the damage has progressed. If there appears to be rot in several areas on one wall, there may be decay in the sheathing underneath. Don’t forget to check edges and areas that are sealed and look for any loose or missing caulk. If the siding in that area does not appear damaged, re-caulk where necessary. This helps maintain your home’s seal against the weather.

Winter-Proof Your Home This Fall

By performing thorough routine inspections of your siding, you can ensure your home is ready to withstand the cold, winter weather and pests looking for shelter. Use this season to look for signs of issues, take preventative measures, and fix any problems before your home suffers any extensive and costly damages.

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to offer our customers reliable resources and outstanding services. Feel free to contact us to speak to a representative with any questions you may have, and get started with a free estimate if you find any areas of concern with your home exterior.

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