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In-office work, face-to-face meetings, and indoor social gatherings are mainly back to normal, but homeowners haven’t lost their appreciation for the outdoors. Instead, they are continuing to make the most of outdoor living spaces by adding or upgrading a deck with the latest materials and accessories. 

Whether you’re desiring extra living space, looking to entertain loved ones, or aiming to boost curb appeal, the benefits of renovating or replacing your deck abound. As the crisp fall weather takes hold, it’s an ideal time to inspect your deck ahead of the harsh winter months and plan for maintenance or additions as needed. 

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Deciding Deck Design Details

There is no lack of options for the outdoor deck of your dreams, but it comes down to choosing your foundation. The creative deck design and sturdy materials you choose will make all the difference in lifespan, maintenance, and enjoyment. 

Desiring a raised deck that overlooks your yard? Perhaps a secluded sanctuary is more your style. What about looping your pool into the design? Give your vision thorough time and thought when considering options, and be sure to speak to our expert team for recommendations. In the meantime, below are some options to consider.

When Privacy Is Paramount

  • Platform Deck: an inexpensive option that can be built along your home’s surface level, ensuring privacy for you and your family
  • Freestanding Deck: a freestanding structure away from your home that is perfect for an unused part of your yard, perhaps kept private by landscaping, another structure, or walls
  • Dining Deck: an outdoor kitchen complete with the amenities like a bar and grill which can be enclosed for year round use 
  • Garden Deck: a deck dedicated to extending your garden, which can act as a natural privacy barrier

An Open Breeze and View 

  • Raised Deck: an elevated option supported by posts, enclosed with railings, and accessed by stairs for an open-air escape
  • Multi-Level Deck: an option for creating several levels dedicated to specific purposes and with varying levels of privacy
  • Pool Deck: an option for enclosing or including an above-ground pool to bring your backyard curb appeal and enjoyment to the next level  
  • Wraparound Deck: an option that allows you to take in more views around your home and create both private and open-air areas based on your needs

Foundational Deck Materials

Once you have your deck design in place, it comes down to materials. Choosing the surface depends on your lifestyle, the climate, backyard set-up, proximity to a pool, maintenance plans, and your budget. Explore your options for decking materials including wood, composite, cellular PVC, and vinyl with an expert. 

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Deck Accessories: Safety, Function & Curb Appeal 

After selecting your design and materials, accessorizing your deck comes next! Choose from beautiful and functional railings, lighting options, and pergola designs. The possibilities are endless.

  • Lighting: It goes without saying that you need to light up your deck space for safety reasons as well as to introduce ambiance when the sun goes down.
  • Railings: Anyone walking on your deck – including you and your family – should feel safe while relaxing outside. If you’re renovating an existing deck, consider updating your railings to ensure stability and improve your home’s value. 
  • Pergola: Adding a pergola is a smart way to spruce up your existing deck, introducing more privacy, shade, and sophistication. The type of pergola material you choose will likely depend on the same factors considered when choosing your deck foundation.  

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Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to provide our customers and local communities with reliable resources and outstanding service. We stand behind our decking products and expertise. You’ll save money in the long run while enhancing the beauty and integrity of your home. If you need a deck upgrade, repair, or replacement, please contact us today or request a free estimate

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