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Deck Design In Newark, DE

Adding a deck to your backyard is an excellent way to create an outdoor space for relaxation and entertaining. With spring upon us, you may want to start planning and building your deck for full use this summer. In this article, we will explore different creative deck builds and deck design ideas to transform your backyard for summer fun.

Choosing Your Decking Materials

The market offers a variety of decking materials to choose from, and with so many options, you may not know which is the best one for you. When selecting construction materials, there are a few important factors you should consider, such as:

  • Construction budget
  • Maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Durability and strength
  • Aesthetic value
  • Backyard climate

At Advance Inc., we provide our customers with a wide selection of quality decking materials, including wooden decking, composite decking, vinyl decking, and cellular PVC decking. Learn more about which decking material is right for your home in this article.

We are also proud installers of TimberTech and Trex, two composite decking manufacturers dedicated to offering high-quality, eco-friendly construction materials.

Selecting a Deck Design

Once you have chosen a decking material, you can begin exploring the many deck designs available. With so many options, you have full creative control over your new outdoor space. Refer to the table below for descriptions of each deck type.

Deck Type Description
Platform Decks Platform decks can be built right off your back door at the ground level of your home. They require no support posts or railings, making it a less expensive option compared to other builds.
Raised Decks Unlike platform decks, raised decks are elevated off the ground using support posts. Because they are raised above ground level, they require railings and staircases.
Multi-Level Decks Multi-level decks have multiple tiers that typically offer a different feature on each level. The multi-level design can be effective for homes built on an uneven lot.
Freestanding Decks Freestanding decks have no attachment to your home and can be built anywhere in your yard. They are a great way to give purpose to an otherwise unused part of the lot.
Wraparound Decks Wraparound decks give your home an old-world charm with ample space for entertaining and relaxation. However, the slope of your lot may impact the viability of this option.
Dining Decks Ideal for entertaining, dining decks are a great way to extend your kitchen and dining space outside. They can include spaces for seating, a bar, grill, or other cooking appliances. In some builds, a dining deck may be enclosed for climate control and protection from the elements.
Pool Decks With pool season coming up, pool decks provide a great way to create a comfortable space for relaxation and fun in the sun. Pool decks are also used to improve the aesthetics of above-ground pools.
Garden Decks If you require more room for potted plants or vegetables/herbs, this is a great option to maximize your gardening space.

Creating a Deck Design Layout

While deck boards are often laid parallel to the home, you can have them installed in a different pattern to increase visual interest. These popular deck designs can help reflect and enhance the overall style of your home:

  • Modular – laid in sections, typically squares, with each section requiring joists running in one direction
  • Framed diagonal – creates a “picture frame” effect around the deck surface, juxtaposing two different lines
  • 90-degree herringbone – the boards run perpendicularly, with the flat ends of the boards meeting to create a jagged design
  • Chevron – similar in concept to the herringbone, but with the boards meeting inward at an angle

It is important to note that some decking patterns may be more expensive to implement due to increased time/costs of labor and installation.

Add a Pergola or Canopy

After construction, there are many ways you can customize and decorate your deck, including with furniture and pillows, outdoor cooking appliances, plants, and more. Another way to further transform the space is to add a pergola, defined as an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters.

In the spring and summer, the sun beats down on your deck, which can increase its surface temperature and cause UV ray damage, depending on the decking material. A canopy or awning can be attached to a pergola to help create more shade, making your outdoor space more enjoyable while protecting your deck from the sun’s harmful rays.

Ask Advance Inc. Your Decking Questions

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to provide our Delaware Valley communities with reliable resources and materials, so homeowners feel confident about their decking investment. We’ll take your budget into account and work with you to create the deck and backyard of your dreams!

Contact us today to speak to a representative or browse our website to explore our available services. We are happy to help!

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