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Coastal House Windows By Advance RoofingCoastal homes are highly desirable for their beautiful sea views and proximity to the beach. However, severe weather conditions along coastal Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region can threaten the longevity and durability of these structures. Inclement weather like high winds and thunderstorms can wear down the home’s exterior over time, leaving it vulnerable to a host of damages.

The spring and summer seasons are ideal for many extensive home improvement projects, like window replacement. Windows play a crucial role in your home’s ability to regulate internal temperature and maintain energy efficiency. Your windows are your home’s first line of defense, so choosing windows made from proper materials that will defend against coastal weather conditions is key to preserving your home’s resilient exterior as well as the comfortable interior.

Let’s discuss how to choose the best, most reliable windows that enhance the beauty and functionality of your coastal home.

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Common Coastal Concerns

The biggest threats to any home are age (time), natural environment, and traumatic weather events. Throughout the year, a variety of seasonal weather conditions may put stress on your home, especially when it’s located along the coast.

Salt Erosion

A primary concern for coastal homes and windows is salt build-up and erosion, which happens in a few different ways. Saltwater is carried by winds coming off the ocean and is sprayed onto the windows. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind salt which can corrode the glass and frame of the window. But salt build-up also occurs when rising temperatures in the summer convert saltwater into vapor, leaving it to settle all over the surfaces of the home.

The best way to protect your windows from salt erosion is to clean them regularly throughout the year. However, your windows will have an extra boost of protection if they’re made from materials that have increased resistance to coastal climate conditions.

UV Damage

Along the coastline, there is little in the way of protection against the sun. Due to proximity to the ocean, the sunlight and UV rays that are reflected off the water are intensified, increasing the risk of damage and wear to the home. But the threat can also extend inside the home if UV rays penetrate doors and windows.

Choosing the Right Materials

Windows come in a variety of materials and some are better than others at protecting your home from coastal climate threats. For example, wood is great for creating a classic look but has very little resistance against moisture and water damage. Even though vinyl is a popular and cost-effective option, it is prone to warping and bending.

When installing new windows in a coastal home, aluminum provides an ideal material option. Aluminum has great structural integrity and is highly resistant to impact damage, structural pressure, and air or water leakage. It offers ample protection against milder coastal weather conditions throughout the year and significant weather events, like hurricanes or tropical storms.

Protecting Your New Windows

After investing in the right windows for your coastal home, you’ll want to do what you can to make them last. Beyond regularly cleaning your windows, you can:

  • Perform routine window maintenance and seasonally inspect their condition
  • Invest in window treatments and films
  • Install storm windows and doors

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