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Utility costs always seem to be rising, and the peak of summer heat is approaching fast. Soon, electric and air conditioning bills will skyrocket. Homeowners looking for easy ways to get financial relief can look into home upgrades like a new entry door.

Keeping the heat out and the cool air conditioning inside is a specialty of energy-efficient doors. Let’s talk about ways you can ensure lower bills with changes to your entry door.

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Check the Hinges and Edges First

Nobody likes doors that get stuck open and closed. This issue is a relatively common occurrence in the warmer months, especially with wooden doors that expand in humid weather due to absorbing the moisture in the air. If expansion is not the reason, however, it could be because your door is hung improperly. 

A misaligned door within a frame can leave gaps that allow a loss of energy and increase in bills. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as loosening and then re-tightening the screws in the hinges with the door straightened. Other times you might need to re-drill the holes for the hinge. 

Make sure to discuss this issue with your contractor before making any adjustments yourself. Choosing a different kind of door may be the best decision for your home and family.

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Add A Glass or Storm Door

By updating your home entryway to include a glass or storm door, you are lessening the potential for several issues to arise. First, there is less of a chance that your wooden door will expand with the humidity if it is protected by a glass or storm door.

At the same time, keeping your home cool is slightly more difficult if you simply have a glass door without an interior door to block the sunlight. Glass doors can cause the interior of your home to get warmer by accentuating the heat from the sun shining into your home. Consider adding blinds or curtains if appropriate.

Storm doors can help lower your energy costs if used correctly. Some storm doors come with a full screen insert, and others have the option for a ventilation system. These two options can help with keeping your home cool in the summertime.  

By installing your screen door in the spring, or simply utilizing the ventilation section of your storm door during cool nights or after storms, you can greatly reduce your energy costs.

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Contact Advance to Save On Energy Bills

If making small changes and fixes to your current door doesn’t help, installing a new energy-efficient door will do the trick. While no door situation is perfect, making sure your home has the best energy-efficient products possible can assist with your home energy costs.

Contact Advance, Inc. to discuss which door would be best for your home design and your wallet.

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