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The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, with many homeowners eagerly transforming their homes into winter wonderlands. While the festive decorations bring cheer, it’s important to be aware of potential hazards that can unintentionally cause damage to your home’s exterior. 

Let’s discuss common ways homeowners accidentally cause damage during the holiday season and provide practical tips to prevent any mishaps.

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Starting Without a Plan

Before installation, carefully plan the placement of lights and decorations to avoid any unforeseen issues with hazards or going without proper tools and safety measures. Knowing your vision before you begin will also save you time and frustration. No one wants to be fighting with lights as dark approaches and the temperature is dropping. You should avoid feeling pressured to do something dangerous and harmful due to lack of planning. 

Think carefully about where your lights and decorations will go, ensuring they won’t come into contact with trees, shrubs, or other potentially flammable materials. Make sure you know the cords and wires are long enough to achieve what you’re planning to avoid using extension cords and outlets improperly. Finally, this plan will help you decide exactly how you’ll secure the decorations in place and invest in proper equipment that will not cause damage.

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Improper Tools and Techniques

Improperly hanging decorations can result in unintended damage to the home’s exterior. To prevent harm, start by avoiding the use of nails or screws that can create unsightly holes in the siding or trim. Even the smallest amount of damage can worsen over time and make your home vulnerable to water damage, pest infestations, and more. Instead, opt for outdoor-friendly adhesive hooks, clips, or suction cups specifically designed for hanging decorations. These tools provide secure attachment points without compromising the integrity of your home’s exterior.

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Decorations That Aren’t Right for Your Home

As much as something might look amazing in the store, it’s important to remember what your home situation looks like and only buy decorations that make sense and will not cause damage. If you’re aware that you have a part of your exterior in need of repair, it’s important not to cause further damage with decorations that may pull, move, or further compromise it. Some homes also have sturdier materials than others, meaning that they can withstand more weight and stress. Further, some homes have more capacity than others to power electricity-dependent decorations.

One example of a decoration that could compromise your home is heavy icicle lights that your gutters cannot hold up. Another is attaching heavy or high-maintenance decorations to a roof that is old or in need of repair. In the case that your home is not ready to handle extensive holiday decorations, remember that simple and elegant goes a long way.

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Keep the Holidays Merry and Bright

By planning out your decorations, investing in necessary precautions, and doing what’s right for your home, you can participate in the holiday traditions without dealing with extensive damage. Enjoy the warmth and joy of the holidays knowing that you’ve taken steps to protect your cherished abode from unintentional damage.
In the case that you do cause damage, or you have existing damage that needs repair before you get started decorating, contact Advance Inc. right away.

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