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If you are considering a new roof this year, you will want to be on top of the latest trends and styles in roofing. Just like interior design, keeping up on the latest styles will help keep your home looking updated, modern, and fresh. At the same time, you’ll discover new roofing technology and techniques that will keep your home and family protected from the elements and even lower your energy bills.

Roofing professionals stay in touch with trends and will be able to guide you through your decision-making process. Take a look at these 2022 roofing trends and ask your local roofing company about implementing them!

Installing Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are a type of asphalt shingle, but you might also hear them called dimensional shingles because they consist of multiple layers of material. The asphalt shingles familiar to most people are flatter because they are created with fewer layers. 

Both standard and architectural asphalt shingles will have a top layer of granulated material and fiberglass backings. The architectural shingles can be built up to resemble cedar shakes, tiles, or slate, and they can add a touch of architectural flair and style to your roof. They come in a variety of colors so that your roof can become a focal point of the exterior design, smartly complement the color palette of your home, and boost your curb appeal.

Camouflaging Solar Panels with Shingles

The increasingly popular trend of adding solar panels to rooftops shows no signs of waning. Choosing to add sun-generated power to your home is a green choice to reduce carbon emissions as well as lower your power bills. 

If you are planning to install solar panels on your home, you will want to keep your roofing material more simple. If your roofing is over 10 years old or showing signs of damage, you should call a professional to replace it before installing solar panels. Choosing something like traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles in a neutral color is a great way to help camouflage the look of solar panels. As a bonus, the solar panels will prolong the life of the area of the roof that they cover. 

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Preparing Your Roof for Climate Change

As the climate continues to change, the country is seeing evolving weather patterns that can wreak havoc on your home. Here in the Delaware River Valley, we are at risk of almost any type of weather event. Having a strong roof is vitally important to you and your family’s safety and comfort. 

Architectural shingles are not just for looks! Due to the increased amount of material in each shingle, as well as stronger adhesives, they can resist higher wind speeds and powerful impacts from hail and heavy rain. In addition, they can offer a higher level of fire resistance and protection from lightning strikes. 

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Experimenting With Modern Color Palettes

A more modern approach to roofing that is gaining popularity is putting the roofing materials front and center in the overall design plans for the exterior of the home. You may have noticed homeowners choosing roofing colors that are part of a dynamic and bold color combination for the home.

If you want to create a sense of a low-key, serene setting, you might choose more muted or neutral colors for your roof. Creating a monotone and faded color palette can help create a zen-like feel to your outdoor spaces.  If you are going for a bold, attention-grabbing style, look for a striking color that will stand out from other houses on the street. 

Some homeowners choose to go with a dark asphalt roof to contrast a lighter siding color or vice versa. To create a more cohesive look, they might also choose to match their roof to the other design features such as the color of the door, trim, and shutters. 

The choice of roofing style and color can be a way for a homeowner to express their unique personality. It can also help to vivify the look of a home and improve the surrounding area. Finally, upgrading your roof can help you retain your interior climate and lower energy bills! 

What excuse do you have left? Get started on upgrading your home’s roof. Contact us to get in touch with industry-trained technicians and schedule your asphalt roofing consultation. Here at Advance Inc., we are happy to help!

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