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Happy Holidays to all homeowners from Advance, Inc.! This week, we’d like to make sure that all roofs and chimneys are clean, safe, and Santa-friendly in preparation for the upcoming holiday.

1. Make Sure That Roofs Aren’t Overburdened With Snow and Ice

If you read our post this month, you’ll know that too much snow and ice accumulation can cause a dangerous weight problem and lead to structural instability for some roofs. Be sure to calculate your snow load and the load-bearing capabilities of your roof to ensure that the added weight of a sleigh and eight reindeer won’t cause a roof collapse. Don’t just jump onto your roof to shovel it off, however—this can be unsafe unless left to the professionals, and should be done with a snow rake.

2. Remove Sources of Ice Damming To Make Sure There Are No Slippery Conditions on Your Roof

Ice damming occurs when heat escapes from the attic and melts snow at the apex of the roof, which then runs down to refreeze near the gutters. This causes a big build-up of ice and snow at the bottom of your roof and blocks precipitation from draining properly. All of this built-up ice and snow can form a slippery Santa hazard! To prevent ice damming, ensure that there is a proper amount of insulation in your attic and no sources where steam or heat can escape, melting snow on your roof. This will prevent damage to your attics and walls, too!

3. Ensure Proper Lighting To Avoid Outside Trips and Falls

Christmas lights are one thing, but your home should be properly outfitted with enough external lights to ensure that you can walk safely from your car, garage, or driveway to your front door. Snow can hide holes or divots that can create falling hazards, and ice is a major factor in winter trips and falls. Be sure that you have enough exterior lighting to make sure that Santa and your family get inside safely!

4. Get a Professional To Clean Your Chimney

If you have a chimney, you need to get it professionally cleaned and inspected annually to ensure that a dangerous build-up of soot doesn’t occur. This sooty build-up, called creosote, can catch fire while you’re using your fireplace, which causes a serious safety threat and is responsible for many house fires every year. To help the problem, you can purchase and burn “creosote-sweeping” logs, which help to dry out the oily soot and make it easier for cleaning. While this can help maintain your chimney in between cleanings, these logs should not be used in lieu of proper cleaning by a professional. Santa sliding down the chimney doesn’t count as a proper sweeping.

Have a safe and bright holiday, from your friends at Advance, Inc.!

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