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Choosing a knowledgeable, experienced window company is only half the battle when investing in new windows for your home. Once the installation is complete, it’s up to you as the homeowner to protect your investment by regularly inspecting window glass, seals, and frames for necessary repairs or seasonal maintenance. Neglecting to do so could allow a small problem to fester into a larger one, not to mention a higher utility bill overall. 

Protect your new windows and wallet by weaving best practices for window maintenance into your monthly and seasonal schedule, and you’ll reap the short- and long-term rewards.

Inspect Your Windows Seasonally

Checking on your windows during the fall and spring months will allow you the time and space to discover and address window issues that may have developed throughout the bitter cold winter or hot and humid summer. As the cooler weather begins creeping in and critters are looking to move in through any crack or crevice, there’s no better time than right now to inspect your windows inside and out, especially before the hectic holiday season. 

Be sure to go room to room and thoroughly review all windows, even the ones that are hardly ever used. Remember to open and close each window to ensure the proper working order and seal, check for drafts by conducting noise and air tests, and visually look for areas that need caulking or a fresh coat of paint.  

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Address Small Window Issues Before They Grow

Any investment in your home needs to be cared for and protected. Windows are naturally exposed to the elements and therefore endure natural wear-and-tear from changing seasons and fluctuating temperatures. As you complete your seasonal window check, you may believe it’s easier to put off small repairs until next season. Yet in doing so, you run the risk of an issue growing into an expensive problem. 

Once you identify the more minor window problems, don’t wait to make the repairs! Tackle the DIY window maintenance, including caulking, weatherstripping, and painting before the next season rolls through. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert for repairs that go beyond your window maintenance knowledge.

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Your Windows: Clean and Clear With Advance Inc.

It sounds simple, but simply keeping your windows clean and clear of dust, dirt and overgrown plants will only extend the life of your investment in the long run. Any buildup of grime and foreign objects, including living ones,  can cause your windows to retain moisture, wear away, and create the perfect environment for mold. Take the proactive approach by consistently cleaning your windows inside and out in addition to maintaining all bushes, shrubs, trees, and flowers near your windows.

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to provide our customers and communities with reliable resources and outstanding service. We stand behind our window products and installation, and we’re confident you’ll save money and use less energy in the long run – all while enhancing the beauty and integrity of your home. 

If you’re in need of a window upgrade, repair, or replacement, please contact us today or request a free estimate through our website. 

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