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You noticed the signs of siding damage, researched siding contractors, and picked up the phone to make an appointment for a consultation. Now that you’ve got your date for a new siding installation, you can sit back and relax, right? Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case – your siding installation contractor needs you to do a few things before they show up on the day of your project. 

Most of the time, homeowners aren’t aware of their preparation responsibilities, leading to unnecessary worry and damage. To help you avoid the worst-case scenario, below are actions you should take before your siding installation that the contractor didn’t tell you.

  1. Prep Your Interior for Exterior Work

While siding gets installed on the exterior of your home, your interior is still affected by the work. The equipment used to install siding can actually cause damage to the furnishings and decorations you have inside your home. 

Before your siding installation project, take care in removing all artwork, pictures, and other wall decorations before they get damaged by the equipment’s forceful vibrations. You might also consider moving furniture that you use to display any fragile possessions away from the walls. It’s unlikely you’ll be compensated for any damage to possessions inside the home caused by the siding installation.

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  1. Protect Your Landscaping

Any time a contractor has to bring equipment to your home, your landscaping is in danger of damage. Even a project like a siding installation can mean your trees, bushes, and flowers are in the way of foot traffic and equipment. It’s important to talk to your contractor before any project about how they plan to protect your landscaping. 

They might offer protective measures as part of their service, but you’ll also want to take measures before they arrive. Trim back landscaping so that the contractors can access all the exterior walls easily. Add any protective structures, tarps, and other materials necessary in areas where you need extra insurance.

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  1. Clear the Way

While you’re taking care of your landscaping, pay attention to other objects you have around the home’s exterior. If there are obstructions that could make it difficult to perform the siding installation, your contractor may have already quoted you a higher price. For obstructions that you can move, do your best to clear the way around your exterior. Easy access to all areas of the home’s exterior will ensure that the job is done well and none of your possessions and structures are damaged in the process.

Be Prepared for Your Next Siding Project

Advance Inc. has performed more than its fair share of siding installations, so the professionals on the team are ready to walk you through the process from start to finish. We offer an unrivaled selection of siding products, and we care about keeping your landscaping safe and cleaning up thoroughly after all of our jobs. 
When you’re ready to boost your curb appeal and rid of any damage to your home’s exterior, contact Advance Inc. for an in-home consultation and free estimate.

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