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There’s been a lot of focus on siding colors this year, but there is another element to your home’s exterior that makes a big impact on the look and feel of your home: windows. It’s very easy to overlook windows because they seem like a functional necessity rather than a stylistic choice. When you’re thinking about updating your home’s exterior, though, windows are a major factor to consider.

Whether you’d like to dramatically or subtly change the look of your home, consider updating your windows. Not only will newer, shinier glass and trim bring youth to your exterior, but it will also give you an opportunity to vivify its personality. In this article, we’ll share some current trends in windows to help you brainstorm for your vision.

This Year, Homeowners Are Going Big

The average home will have standard-sized windows in all the usual places, prioritizing functionality over style and other benefits. Homeowners looking to upgrade their home, on the other hand, are considering how window size can transform their exterior.

Specifically, it’s become very popular to install larger windows throughout the home. Enlarging windows creates a more upscale look, lets more light in, and allows for more expansive views of the outdoors.

You won’t have to change out all your windows; increasing the size of a few well-placed windows can have the same effect. Regardless, keep in mind how changing the size of certain windows and not others will affect the exterior design flow of the home.

Adding Windows in Unusual Locations

An extra window in a hallway, stairway, entryway, pantry, or bathroom adds visual interest both inside and out. Installing windows in these unique locations can brighten dark areas of the house, even if you choose to use frosted glass for added privacy. Just envision it: how luxurious would your bathroom feel if you added a frosted picture window near the tub?

Changing Up the Shape of Your Windows

Adding a curved window above existing windows adds visual interest and creates an upscale feel to your home. Arched tops can be added separately or can be part of the window as a whole. The area inside the arch can be embellished with decorative features such as stained glass, etching, or mullions.

Overall, adding an extra decorative window to the tops of your existing windows can make your rooms feel larger, taller, and brighter. Think cathedrals and old universities.

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Black Window Frames and Hardware

Window frames can be custom ordered in a wide variety of colors, and this year, homeowners are boldly going with black. The color of the frame, especially when darker or in contrast with the rest of the home, can add drama and interest to the exterior and interior of the home.

The black framework causes onlookers to recall when metal-trimmed windows were popular but keeps the modern feel with more reliable material.  Black hardware also adds visual interest to your indoor decor and helps hide dirt.

Exterior Trim with Substance

To accentuate windows and solidify their importance to the overall design of the house, trendy homeowners have been opting for chunky, substantial trim around windows and doors. The larger trim adds visual interest and creates a more significant surface to highlight trim colors and textures. Chunky trim is also becoming the latest trend for indoor window and door framing.

Focal Point Windows

Not looking to spend money upgrading every window in the house? Add just one dramatic window and make it a focal point of your home from both inside and out. This new addition adds to the curb appeal as well as the interior design of your home if you do it well.

A large bay window or floor-to-ceiling window can change the feel of a room and help bring the outside in, as well as structurally change the look of your home from the outside.

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