When customizing and upgrading your home’s exterior, you want to make your home more attractive and more structurally sound — these goals aren’t mutually exclusive. Whether preparing to stay or sell, updating your roof is a great way to enhance curb appeal and improve the resale value, while enhancing your home’s structural integrity.

Also known as architectural shingles, designer shingles are an appealing roofing option not only in their aesthetic value but also in the high-quality protection they provide. At Advance Inc., we offer a few different options for designer shingles that are worth a closer look.

In this article, we’ll highlight popular designer shingle styles that can help elevate your home’s look with dimension and intrigue, while providing the long-term structural reinforcement every homeowner desire from a roofing investment.

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What Are Designer Shingles?

If you’re looking for a great design that adds value and beauty to your room, designer shingles may be for you. They are made by fusing together two layers of shingle material, which can be made of asphalt, slate, cedar, and other materials. This fusion of shingle pieces creates a three-dimensional look, offering more depth and visual appeal.

However, designer shingles offer more than just a roofing facelift. The two-layer design also increases the endurance of your roof, giving it better protection against ultraviolet rays, inclement weather, impact trauma, and fire. The design not only helps your roof’s overall function, but means less routine maintenance for you.

For many homeowners, designer shingles are a desirable but costly investment. Depending on the state of your existing roof, the price of a new roof may vary. If you need a full roof replacement, expect a higher bill to cover the cost of materials and labor.

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Types of Designer Shingles

At Advance Inc., we offer a variety of designer shingle options so you can create the home of your dreams. Here are a few favorites:

Highland Slate Shingles

Slate is a building material that has been used for centuries, and it hasn’t gone out of style. CertainTeed’s Slate Highland shingles create a natural, clean look while protecting your home with enhanced performance qualities, including improved resistance to high winds and algae growth.

Presidential Shake Triple Laminate Shingles

Cedar shake is a popular choice for many homeowners, but it is often expensive and requires more maintenance. With Presidential Shake TL shingles from CertainTeed, you can create the beautiful look of cedar shake without the drawbacks of actual cedar shingles.

Carriage House Shingles

Carriage House shingles from CertainTeed are uniquely scalloped slate shingles that give your home the classic appeal of timeless architecture. These shingles offer extreme durability and are best suited for homes with steeper slopes.

Grand Manor Shingles

If you want a roof with the authentic depth and dimension of slate, but with enhanced defenses against the elements, Grand Manor shingles from CertainTeed may be for you. These shingles offer homeowners an elegant and timeless look with the functionality of modern-day material technology to protect your home.

Hatteras Shingles

For homes in areas that experience inclement weather conditions, Hatteras shingles are a great option to maintain a vibrant look and optimal protection. CertainTeed’s Hatteras shingles can withstand winds as high as 110 mph, which makes them a perfect option for our coastal Delaware communities.

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