Choosing the right window manufacturer isn’t the easiest decision to make when you’re preparing to embark on the exciting journey of remodeling your home. All of the major companies we work with have their own strengths and specializations, but what’s truly important is selecting a manufacturer with a style that aligns with the vision you have for your interior design. The artistic style of the windows you choose is every bit as important their functionality, and they need to accentuate and compliment the aesthetic of your space. Here we’ll showcase two major window manufacturers so that you can make an informed decision when deciding what company best fits both your practical needs and artistic vision.


This manufacturer is based out of rural Sugarcreek, Ohio, and began as an extremely small home business before growing into one of the industry leaders in windows manufacturing. This company may best suit your needs if you’re creating a space with a more classic or antiquated look, as they’ve built a reputation for their old-world style craftsmanship. This company also places a large emphasis on the ability to customize their vinyl windows, which allows for a greater degree of control in determining how you want these fixtures to compliment your space aesthetically. Their Aeris windows come in beautifully crafted oak, maple, and cherry wood, and could bring an innovative design and sophistication to your space, especially if you’re looking to create a more vintage style atmosphere for your home.


This company specializes in advanced technology for their vinyl windows. While their craftsmanship is still very strong, this manufacturer might be the right choice if your biggest focus is on energy efficiency. An important feature they have are specialized spacers that better insulate the edge of the glass in comparison to solid foam or metal spacers. This results in less energy being used to warm your space and also has environmental benefits. Statics show that these spacers can decrease the amount of CO2 omitted by up to 1.6K pounds per year for an individual home. They also employ an advanced ClimaGuard coating for their glass, which reduces solar heat during the summer without obstructing your view or reducing the amount of light coming into the room.


Ultimately, both of these window manufacturers are leaders in the industry and would be excellent choices for the redesign of your home. They each have Energy Star certifications, which means that their technology meets the energy efficient requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency. They also both deliver windows that are well crafted and expertly designed. What’s important is to analyze your functional needs and artistic vision in order to determine which company is the right fit. If you’re looking for a modern design that combines elements of old-world craftsmanship along with leading technology, Provia might be your choice. If you’re looking for beautifully designed vinyl windows that fully maximize your energy efficiency while decreasing your environmental impact, OKNA might be better suited to your needs.