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Our Asphalt Roofing Systems Include the Following: 


1. Site Preparation
2. Landscape Protection
3. Tarp Home
4. Remove existing roofing system
5. Deck Inspection and Preparation
6. Wood replacement if necessary
7. Cut in Smart Vent when applicable
8. Cut in Ridge Vent when applicable
9. Application of deck protection
10. Application of Ice & Water Shield
11. Apply Drip Edge to eaves and rakes
12. Apply counter and step flashing to chimney
13. Apply step flashing to rising walls
14. Apply flashing in valley when applicable
15. Re-flash skylights
16. Apply starter strip shingles to rake & fascia areas
17. Apply shingles of your choice using 6 nails per sheet
18. Install Ridge Vent
19. Apply Hip and Ridge Shingles to Ridge Vent
20. Haul away all debris
21. Magnetically sweep yard for nails
22. Final clean up and inspection